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Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds

About our breed

All working dogs purchased from us will come with our standard Full or Limited Contract, according to which type registration you choose.

In addition, if you buy a puppy or adult from us and tell us you want it to work, we will guarantee it to be able to perform the duties you told us you wanted it for.  If it does not, we will replace it.  We will ask you to be specific about what type stock you plan to work, and how you plan to use the dog, and your Aussie will be selected accordingly.  For instance, it will take a different type dog for pasture and penning work on cattle, than a dog needed to work the pens and aisleways of a cattle sale barn.  If the dog you work from us is not able, with proper training, to perform the duties you bought it for, we will replace it.  Exception:  We do not guarantee our dogs on horses.


1.  You buy a puppy and after giving it ample time to mature (a year or so old) it still shows no interest in stock.  You can breed two of the best working dogs in the country together and it's possible there will be some non-workers in the litter.  It happens.  No one can predict with certainty how a puppy will turn out.  In this case we will certainly replace the dog.

2.  You buy a dog to help you with your cattle.  The dog is wonderful on sheep but just doesn't have the power necessary for cattle.  We will replace this dog.

Now, let's define "proper training".  We don't believe a dog has to have formal training and know the international commands before it can perform its job.  What we mean by "proper training" is, for instance, you can't take a dog that has no exposure to cattle at all, doesn't know even the simplest commands (Come, Stop, Stay) and expect him to be able to pen your cows and calves.  We're not unreasonable in how much training we expect you to do with the dog, but you do have to put forth some effort.  Contrary to what some people think, no herding dog automatically knows everything to do at the right time.  The natural instinct to work is there, it's up to you to show the dog what you want done, when you want it done, and how you want it done.

We offer unlimited telephone advice and support to owners of Aussies purchased from us.  If you live close enough and are willing to come for lessons, we will help you and your dog get started working.  This does not mean that we will keep your dog and train it for you.  It means that you and the dog can come together, and Roger will help you learn to use the dog in order to get the job done.

Rest assured that we want the Australian Shepherd to continue to be known as a true working breed, and we will go the extra mile to be sure you are happy with any working Aussie purchased from us.



~~ Inquiries Welcomed ~~
Roger & Kathy Stevens
175 Fortson Road
Dothan, Alabama  36305
Phone 334-692-3883 (call after 7:30 p.m. CST)
or email us at


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