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About our breed

Red Merle Bitch, Minimal White
20 Inches, 45 Pounds
Eyes Clear, Scissors Bite, Full Dentition

For a long time I had admired Steve and Anne Shope's "Bandit" and  wanted a puppy by him, but every time they had a litter, I was a "day late and dollar short".  Then one day an advertisement came across the Internet for a litter by Bandit.  I inquired, and was very impressed with the pedigree and the pictures of the red merle bitch puppy that was available.  So it didn't take me long to decide to purchase Sunshine.

Sunshine's breeders, Helen Rinkle and Paul Dotson, did a wonderful job with the puppy before I got her.  She had been thoroughly socialized, leash broken, crate trained, housetraining started, obedience training started, would "watch" and wait for bait -- just everything anyone could possibly want in a puppy, they had done it.  Sunshine has been a total pleasure from the day she arrived here and I can't thank Helen and Paul enough for letting me have her.

I have high hopes for Sunshine and truly believe she will be a WTCH, a CH, and hopefully a VCH.  If she's not it will be because of my shortcomings, not Sunshine's.  She has super structure and movement, lovely side gait, perfect topline, neck, and shoulders, and a scissors bite and all her teeth to go with it!!  An absolute joy to show, Sunshine handles like a pro and has already taken a RWB under breeder judge Marie Murphy (at 18 months of age).  She travels extremely well and although will surely let us know when a stranger comes up, she is friendly to people and loves attention.

Working??  Well, she is red hot!!  VERY enthusiastic, totally unafraid, will hit either end and has a lot of natural fetching instinct.  She's very biddable but a handful to work.  Hopefully by the 2000 Nationals she and I will have things sorted out so that we can enter Started.

Sunshine has a very good temperament and loves all the other dogs although she can be a bit dominant at times.  She's a leader, not a follower!  There's not a passive or weak bone in her body and she puts some of the male dogs to shame when it comes to courage.  She's very smart and sensible, biddable, and easy to live with.

Can you tell she's just about perfect?  Well, I think so, anyway!  I couldn't be happier with Sunshine and I know that we'll have many pleasurable years together.

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Roger & Kathy Stevens
175 Fortson Road
Dothan, Alabama  36305
Phone 334-692-3883 (call after 7:30 p.m. CST)
or email us at


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