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Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds

About our breed

I have a big old rooster
Sunrise is his name
Each morning as the sun pops up
The new day he proclaims.
He loudly crows to let me know
It’s time to "Rise and Shine".
He knows that it’s his duty
To get me to work on time.

Next he starts his routine day
By waking all the flock,
He stretches and jumps off the roost
Such a handsome cock!!
He scratches in the dirt and then
Clucks loudly when he spies
A worm, a leaf, or grain of corn
To share with all his wives.
His beady eyes see everything
As he watches o’er his brood -
They’re safe from hawk or fox or snake,
He is their Robin Hood.
When Sunrise was a little peep
He always ruled the roost.
Now he rules his small domain
And is the brutest of the brutes.
He struts around the chicken yard -
Makes low, seductive sounds -
Drops his wing and takes a bow,
Circling round and round.
All the little hens’ hearts flutter
Like tail feathers in the wind,
They quiver, primp, wink and flirt
Just to get a nod from him.
He’s sure the Cock of our Walk
No other can take his place
For Sunrise is one rooster
Over which I never will say grace.




~~ Inquiries Welcomed ~~
Roger & Kathy Stevens
175 Fortson Road
Dothan, Alabama  36305
Phone 334-692-3883 (call after 7:30 p.m. CST)
or email us at


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