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C-R Saleata STDcs 

November 11, 1987 - March 30, 1998

"Sally" came to us from Bob Blount of Silver Birch Aussies (now Slate Creek Aussies) in January of 1994.  Thanks to Bob and Lou Ann's generosity, we finally fulfilled our dream of owning a Charlie Glass daughter.

And indeed she was her father's daughter!  Like  her father, the famed WTCH Las Rocosa Charlie Glass CD RDX, Sally was a good worker; she hit heads and heels equally well.  She would down but didn't like to, she preferred to stay on her feet and control the stock.  She had an average, moderately powerful outrun; she was excellent on sheep but never exposed to cattle very much.  The few times she was worked on cattle, she did very well; was not afraid and never lost interest in the stock.  Ducks were not her favorite them to work; she much preferred the larger stock and was actually a little rough on ducks.  She didn't maul them but would pull a few feathers:-))  Whatever she was asked to work, Sally always aimed to please and tried her best to do what we wanted her to.

Although not aggressive, Sally was protective of her home and territory and an excellent watchdog and passed this trait to her offspring.  She never bit anyone but did bark threateningly at strangers.  She was an excellent mother, with no conception or whelping problems, and cared for her babies properly and lovingly.

Sally was a very personable and intelligent dog; she wanted to be close to her master at all times.  She loved attention and was very well behaved in the house.  One of her favorite things was to sit contentedly beside us on the couch, especially if her body was touching ours in some way.  She adapted to new situations and people easily, fitting right in with our family and other Aussies with no problems at all.  Sally was a welcome addition to her program and a great producer for us and her "adopted parents", Malcom and Eunice Presley, with whom she spent her retirement years.

Sometime during the early morning hours of March 30, 1998, Sally went to sleep and while dreaming of green pastures and stock to work, she quietly crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Her passing surprised us because Sally was in excellent health and looked and acted like a youngster.  We know her special bud, Oreo (WTCH Pincie Creek Oreo Cinder Wood RTDsc PATDsc) wondered where she went in such a hurry.   While filing her registration papers away, we stopped to read them  one more time.  Listed was her name and registration number, the name and number of her sire and dam.  The papers also state that Sally was a blue merle with copper and white trim.  Impersonal words printed on a piece of paper - they didn't say what a delightful personality she had, how she talked to us in her own yodeling language, or how she would look up at us with that mischievous smile on her face.  There was nothing written to tell what an excellent mother she was, nor describe the joy and happiness she gave those who knew her.  Papers cannot describe Sally's heart and soul.  So we will keep those memories within our own hearts and souls and bring them forth from time to time when we remember her.  It was a pleasure knowing Sally, and she is truly missed.




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