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Our mission with our breeding program is to breed a superior stockdog. We like a dog that is biddable, loyal, easy to handle and train, and one that wants to work for you, not for themselves. These dogs understand teamwork as they will look for you and give you the check in look we call the “did you see that” or “ did I do good” We want our dogs to have power and presence to rate and work any type of stock. We breed for consistency in performance; we want dogs to work every day and not just one day. We do breed for dogs to work cattle and if they have the power to move and control cattle ,the dog can be controlled on other types of stock. We believe that everybody deserves a good dog and if you want a stockdog we hope it is a Pincie Creek dog. Pincie Creek dogs are proven in performance through many venues. Ours dogs compete in trial arenas, work on ranches, and make it their job to make you laugh. Kennels across the world have chosen Pincie Creek dogs to establish a solid foundation for their breeding programs.

Pincie Creek dogs are greatly influenced by the bloodlines established by Fletcher Woods in his breeding program. We think some of the uniqueness we see in our puppies is the influence of these lines. The rich red colors and the deep merles that show up in the Pincie Creek dogs are proof of the predominate influences of these old Woods bred line of dogs. We breed to preserve this as we produce puppies that retain 6/8’s, 7/8’s Woods in the pedigree. The “Woods” bloodlines exhibit old fashion loyalty to their owner. The intense look in their eyes expresses loyalty, brains, and an absolute work ethic. Most Woods bred dogs prefer their own human; however will tolerate other people. The dogs are great at reasoning things out and reading people to know if it’s friend or foe. They almost can not tolerate ignorant people as they think they are smarter than most people, even their owners. Woods’s dogs are known to be drive dogs. They usually have thick muzzles, deep chest, and usually have strange vocals such as chirping and yodeling. They truly carry a mystique about them. They are kind and gentle to stock. As puppies when they escape the yard and get in to the stock they work to put stock into the corner and love to hold them there until you are ready to help them make the stock move again. They are known to be protective. They have a serious and sensible demeanor about them. Roger has said that the Woods’s dogs are independent, need a reason to do something and need to think it is “their idea” to do it. They can love you at a distance or shadow your every step. I personally love the behavior and mannerisms of the old Woods’s dog’s .The old lines are slowly disappearing and the love of these old bloodlines will be forever appreciated by Pincie Creek. We can see the influence of these strong lines in our breeding today with the dogs like Pincie Creek Kabooki, Pincie Creek Fancy Feathers, Double Duce of Pincie Creek, Pincie Creek Aligator, and Pincie Creek Hank. All our dogs will have some Wood’s in their pedigree somewhere.

WTCH Hangin’ Tree Blue Bear was a dog that was an ambassador to the breed as well as to the canine species. His serene mannerism was quite, confident, calming and authoritive. He had absoluteness around stock which got the job done. He never met a stranger and could work a crowd by picking out the next ball thrower for him. I think Hangin’Tree dogs are always smiling, quite different from Woods. This guy was light footed and calm around other dogs as well as stock. He taught the young pups not to run the fence and to be patient. He stopped them about middle way down the fence and put them on the ground then wrapped his mouth over their muzzle holding them almost to say “nat nat no running and slow down.” This beautiful dog would look at a cow, goat, or duck with a sense of confidence and skill which could be felt by the stock. The ease to move and control stock was natural instinct and could never be taught by a human. Roger was often times considered Bear’s sidekick. We see the offspring he left behind and still watch the poetry in motion when these pups grow to exhibit the stock savvy sense we have come to appreciate in our breeding program. If the pups take after Bear they are the jokers, smiling and grinning and getting everybody stirring up dirt. Hangin’ Tree bloodlines have complimented the cross on Woods’s by contributing a pup/dog that is eager to please, has more fetch/gather and a little more sensibility on rating stock and working with you in a partnership. The willingness to listen and respond to your commands, the bid ability you might say comes from Blue Bear. The stick to it attitude and the smoozing of a stranger to make a new friend all are traits of the Famous WTCH Hangin’Tree Blue Bear.

Bear will always be missed.


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