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Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds

Our farm is named Pincie Creek Farms, after Rogerís great aunt Pincie who once lived in a log cabin in the bottom below our house. I have felt more content here than Iíve ever felt in my life. One autumn day I was outside thinking how beautiful it is here, and how fortunate I am to live here. This poem just came to me, and I wrote it down, it was finished in about ten minutes.

About our breed

Foggy morn
Dawn is born
Wake up, Pincie Creek!

There's old Jack Frost,
He must be lost!
Welcome to Pincie Creek!

Stock is stirring
Day starts early
Here at Pincie Creek.

Guineas runnin'
Sun-up's comin'!
Daybreak at Pincie Creek.

Rooster crowin'
Mama's goin'
To milk at Pincie Creek.

Morning chores
We're never bored-
Not at Pincie Creek!

Cows a' mooin'
Doves a' cooin'
Their home is Pincie Creek.

Ducks a' quackin'
Turkeys yackin'
Noisy Pincie Creek!!

Foxes yippin'
Cow cranes dippin'
Into Pincie Creek.

Sheep a' runnin'
Chickens sunnin'
They love Pincie Creek.

Now the hawk flies
In the blue sky
Over Pincie Creek.

Jenny wren singing'
Church bells ringin'
Sweet sounds of Pincie Creek.

Clouds like cotton
Not forgotten!
They bring rain to Pincie Creek.

Smell the fresh earth-
See the green turf-
Carpet for Pincie Creek.

Hear the dry leaves
Feel the soft breeze
Caressing Pincie Creek.

Bright sun is high
In the sky
Over Pincie Creek.

Heat of day
Smell the hay!
It grew on Pincie Creek.

Critters restin'
Bluebirds nestin'
Peaceful Pincie Creek.

Red ripe peppers
Nature's helpers
Home grown on Pincie Creek.

Corn stalks wavin'
Leave here, Raven!
Don't bother Pincie Creek!

Golden pumpkins
Look like munchkins
Guarding Pincie Creek.

Abundant harvest
It's the very best!
Thank you, Pincie Creek.

Little egret
Tell your secrets
To ol' Pincie Creek.

Hens a' fussin'
Puppies tusslin'
They're part of Pincie Creek.

One late fall flower
And a shower -
God smiles on Pincie Creek.

Now the wind blows
Helps the seeds sow
Replanting Pincie Creek.

Evening chores
Muscles sore
Hard work at Pincie Creek!

Now all are fed
Even Big Red's
Content at Pincie Creek.

Cows are lowin'
Things are slowin'
Quittin' time at Pincie Creek.

Horned owl asks "Who?"
"Who-who are you?"
We are Pincie Creek!

Dusk has come
Good-bye, sun
Tired Pincie Creek.

To the roost -
Need a boost?
Rest well at Pincie Creek.

There's a firefly
In the twilight -
Winking at Pincie Creek.

The Bullfrog Chorus
Performs now for us
Serenading Pincie Creek.

Hear that bobcat?
Where is it at?
Down by Pincie Creek?

Stars a' twinklin'
In an inklin'
Day ends at Pincie Creek.

Harvest moon
Again, so soon?
Shines on Pincie Creek.

All is quiet
In the night
It's dark at Pincie Creek.

Sleepy heads,
Go to bed.
Good-night, Pincie Creek.

© 1997 - Elaine Chapman Stevens



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