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Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds

WTCH Peters Ranch Teal Sydney Bear RD RTDsc

About our breed

Blue Merle, DOB July 6, 1993
OFA Good, AS-9132G28F, Eyes Clear
19 1/2 Inches, 40 Pounds

Bear and Syd at Work

We watch our Blue Bear and his younger sister Syd
As they romp and play together, acting just like little kids.
But when we say, "The cows are out!" all foolishness stops,
They become very serious and begin to lick their chops.
Bear goes out around them – what an outrun – half a mile!
Sister Syd backs him up with a rather impish smile.
They gather all the stragglers up, then turn the herd toward home
"You’re not buffalo!" Bear tells them, "and you’re not supposed to roam!"
The stock begins to move with a nip to hoofed heels,
Syd’s eyes are twinkling, Bear’s stare is hard as steel.
Syd works like a whirlwind, Bear takes his time –
The cows walk slow and easy, every one in line.
Every now and then Syd just has to have some fun
She laughs and tries to pick a fight, just to see cows run.
But Bear’s right there to stop them, to turn and head them off
And Syd dances to the far side; she knows she won’t be caught!!
Now they’ve settled down to business, which is, "Bring them over here."
Bear works the outside flank, Syd brings up the rear.
The cows are in the catch pen now, waiting for their fate –
"Is the butcher here today?" they ask, "Am I next on the plate?"
"Relax," we say, "We’re here to pick the very best of you
To use to show just what all our good cowdogs can do."
"Oh no," they cry, "You can’t do that – death would be a better fate!
Not Bear and Syd – we’d rather be upon your dinner plate!"
And so, the teasing over, we open up the gate,
And tell Bear and Syd, "Hold them up – have patience! Make them wait!"
Escapees must remember what always waits in store –
If they don’t stay inside the fence, heels and noses will be sore.
Then when the day is over and our friends lay at our feet,
Bear watching tv, Syd broadside, fast asleep,
We are thankful that we have them – it was destiny, we know
And we pray that we do justice to the Aussies we love so.

© 1997 Elaine Chapman Stevens

In the spring of 1995 our household was increased by the delightful addition of a young blue merle bitch named Syd. A full sister to our Blue Bear but from a younger litter, she has the same outgoing, happy, optimistic attitude that her brother has, but with a more feminine attitude. Syd smiles and laughs all the time; the only time we’ve ever seen her grouchy was when she was a week or two away from whelping her litter sired by Chewy; she was huge and miserable and did get a little out of sorts. It was so funny, the last couple of weeks of her pregnancy she had a plainly disgusted look on her face as if to say she didn’t know how in the world this happened to her, but she didn’t like it!! She was a very devoted mama, thrilled with her puppies, and took excellent care of them.

Syd is energetic, especially when it comes to working, and gets very excited when she sees another dog working. In her younger days she was what some might consider a little TOO energetic, but has mellowed some with age and can now sit quietly with us through a stockdog trial. Syd is a tireless worker, very athletic, quick as lightning, and never tires out. She is a strong fetch dog, and works cattle equally as well as sheep, goats, and ducks. At the age of three she earned her WTCH and went on to become ranch dog certified and also earn RTD titles in sheep and cattle. She qualified for the Finals in 1996 and was High Combined Open at the 1995 Nationals in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

Her one dark brown eye and one blue eye enhance her mischievous look. From her sire Black Bear she inherited a rather high ear set which we think gives her character and lots of expression. Syd is a natural bob and has produced naturally bobbed puppies. She has correct conformation, full dentition, scissors bite. A very adaptable girl, Syd travels well, is outgoing and likes everybody. If you need someone to cheer you up, Syd is the one. She’s an eternal optimist, a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. To her, life is one continuous, exciting adventure, and she enjoys every minute of it.

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HOF Sire WTCH Hangin' Tree Black Bear RDx

           blackbear.jpg (32833 bytes)

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