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Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds

About our breed

Here are pictures of lucky Pincie Creek Aussies who were chosen to go to special homes where they are pampered and loved, and represent our kennel and our breed well.  But then, we think their owners are pretty lucky, too...

Punch1.jpg (119556 bytes)
Pincie Creek Punch Cigar, "Punch" (Chewy x Syd),
black bi dog,
owned by Alex Kapsemalis of Kansas City, Kansas.
Punch's Page


dakota2.jpg (12702 bytes)
Pincie Creek Dakota
(Blue Bear x Aggie),
owned by Melinda Mizell of Greenwood, Arkansas

Dakota's Page


El "Nino" of Pincie Creek
(Blue Bear  x Reba)
owned by Melinda Mizell of Greenwood, Arkansas
Nino's Page


dixie2.jpg (61808 bytes)

Pincie Creek Heart of "Dixie"
(Blue Bear x Reba)
owned by Melinda Mizell of Greenwood, Arkansas
Dixie's Page

moses1.jpg (599466 bytes)

Rex's Exodus of Pincie Creek, "Moses", (Chewy x Rocket),
red merle male
owned by Leslie and Carey Rechtzigel of Rosemount, MN
Moses's Page

joe1.jpg (39835 bytes)

Pincie Creek Bear's Best "Joe" RD STDdsc (
Blue Bear x Scarlet),
owned by Rudolph Parker of Perry, FL
Joe's Page
#1 in all 3 Started Divisions of ASCA Merit Program through May 1, 2000

chip1.jpg (19290 bytes)
Pincie Creek Chocolate "Chip"
(Chewy x Aggie),
owned by Glen Anderson of Coleridge, Nebraska

Chip's Page


Trouble1.gif (1451584 bytes)
Pincie Creek Troublemaker, STDdsc "Trouble"
(Blue Bear x Reba),
owned by Glen Anderson of Coleridge, Nebraska
Trouble's Page


Cookie1.jpg (4033 bytes)
Pincie Creek One Tuff "Cookie" (Blue Bear x Reba)
owned by Ronnie Williams, Phenix City, Alabama
Cookie's Page


Echo1.jpg (7784 bytes)
Pincie Creek Footloose "Echo" STDcsd
 (Oreo x Sally)
owned by Ronnie Williams, Phenix City, Alabama
Echo's Page


carmine1.jpg (32655 bytes)
Pincie Creek "Carmine" Camellia
(Blue Bear x Reba),
owned by Adam Kelley of Notasulga, Alabama
Carmine's Page


maggiehead.jpg (17677 bytes)
Pincie Creek Steel Magnolia, "Maggie"
(Blue Bear x Reba),
owned by Lenna Rauber of Arkport, NY
Maggie's Page


cinnamon1.jpg (146472 bytes)
"Cinnamon" Sis of Pincie Creek
(Chewy x Aggie),
on lease to Wayne Kirby of Norman, OK
Cinnamon's Page

kirbyaggie1.jpg (71894 bytes)
Owner Wayne Kirby of Norman, OK and
Pincie Creek Aggie's Magic
(Chewy x Aggie)
finishing her AKC CD with a 1st place.
Aggie's Page


Vida1.jpg (47080 bytes)
Pincie Creek Viva la "Vida"
(Bear x Aggie),
owned by Donna Hunt of King, NC
(photo courtesy of Blockade Runners)

Vida's Page

tsavo2.jpg (21689 bytes)
Pincie Creek Ruffian "Tsavo"
(Hawkeye x Smut)
owned by Gail Jacobson of
Washington State

Tsavo's Page

WTCH Pincie Creek Silver Bullett RTDsc
("Spook", x Aggie).
Owned by Robert & Christy Brown
of Mobile, Alabama.
Angus's Page

Dusty1.jpg (1076607 bytes)
WTCH Pincie Creek Stirrin' Up Dust,
(Bowie x Smut),
owned by Wanda & Norris Blackburn
of Shelbyville, TN.
Dusty's Page


Pincie Creek Cowboyography
Owned by Jeni & Foss Gallichan in Canada
Mikatura Australian Shepherds

babehead.jpg (67729 bytes)
Pincie Creek Bittersweet "Babe"
(Blue Bear x Aggie)
heading 'em at the 1999 Nationals. 
Owned by Cathy Hollings, Edmonton, Alberta.

Babe's Page


clint1.gif (150023 bytes)
Pincie Creek High Plains Drifter,
(Hawkeye x Smut)
red merle male owned by
Cathy Hollings of Edmonton, Alberta.

Clint's Page 

summerstorm.jpg (52249 bytes)
Pincie Creek Summer Storm,
(Blue Bear x Rocket),
owned by Cathy Hollings of Edmonton, Alberta.

Twister's Page


PincieCreek Bisbee Spirit

Bisbee's Page



~~ Inquiries Welcomed ~~
Roger & Kathy Stevens
175 Fortson Road
Dothan, Alabama  36305
Phone 334-692-3883 (call after 7:30 p.m. CST)
or email us at


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