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About our breed

About our breed

DOB 2-19-95
OFA Good AS-13434G52F
Eyes Clear
19 1/2 inches, 45 pounds
Full Dentition, Scissors Bite
Blue Merle

When the first Blue Bear x Reba litter was whelped and Roger saw the uniquely colored little blue merle bitch, he immediately said, "Im keeping that blue merle." And so he did. Named Three Spot for the three small merle spots on her back, the rest of this little puppy was mostly black, except half her face, which was merling, and on her feet and stifle where most dogs have copper, she had merling. We were intrigued by her from the very start and she has become one of our favorite bitches.

Three Spot has always had a very outgoing, relaxed disposition, like her mother. Shes never had a crabby moment that we know of, likes and gets along with everybody humans and canines. Also like her mother, shes an easy keeper with good substance and can get a little porky if we dont watch it. She is very nicely built and has correct conformation and movement.

We had always intended to trial Three Spot but somehow the time just never was right she was in heat, we didnt have room to take her, etc., etc. Then one September Roger decided, on the spur of the moment, to take her to an ASCA trial in Georgia to see what she would do. He literally took her out of the kennel, with very little working experience, and entered her in the trial. Now we dont recommend everybody doing this, but you know the old saying, "Do as I say do, not as I do" Anyway, with just her natural instinct Three Spot not only qualified but placed in all three classes of stock. She did such a nice job on sheep and cattle that the judge had scored her as an open dog!!  She easily completed her started titles and later in 2000 will resume trialing.  Like most of the Bear x Reba puppies, she is a natural fetch dog, a sensible, quiet worker that groups and rates her stock really well. Shes not too pushy but can really get fired up at times and want to get a few bites in when she gets excited. Shes easily controlled and easily trained, one of our most biddable working dogs, and thrives on making Roger happy. Shes the type of dog that a novice handler or inexperienced rancher could take and do whatever they needed to with her, just by using her natural instinct.

Three Spot is dependable and consistent, we can always count on her to be the same, day after day, always smiling, ready to do whatever we ask. 

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Patiently waiting... Smiling as usual, and... wanting to get at the goats.


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Roger Stevens
175 Fortson Road
Dothan, Alabama  36305
Phone 334-618-1665
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